When seriously injured, most people are unable to work, and during these times, finances can be an enormous burden on the victim and their family.  At Osborne Cane, we recognize that our clients are suffering and under enormous financial stress.  That’s why we use contingency fee arrangements.  Under this arrangement, the client is not required to pay any legal fees until the end of the process, when a settlement has been negotiated or you have received a Supreme Court judgment award of damages.

Once your case is resolved, and the settlement or award is finalized, the client pays legal fees expressed as a percentage of the amount recovered.  If the client does not recover any monies from the lawsuit, there will be no legal fees.  A contingency fee arrangement is agreed upon when we are retained by a client through a Contingency Fee Agreement, or CFA.

Competitive Contingency Fee Rates in British Columbia

We offer the lowest, most competitive contingency fee percentage rates in BC for serious injury claims.  Our contingency fee agreements are tailored to the individual case and are usually in the range of 18-33%. (Most other law firms charge the highest allowable rate of 30-331/3% for all cases.)

If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision after April 1, 2019, your claim might be caught by ICBC’s CAP definitions, or you might have an existing claim already active within the CAP Tribunal process.  The contingency fee rate to advance such a case will depend on the individual case circumstances and the likelihood of success. We will always discuss the circumstances of your case with a potential client and come to an agreement on fees before we are retained.


We are a leading Vancouver law firm that handles serious injury cases from all over British Columbia.


There are no upfront fees – you will not be charged any fees unless your case is successful.

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