What clients say about the care, dedication and results they receive from Osborne Cane both through settlement and/or trial.

Brent Ellis

Brent was a full-time employee with BC Hydro and a jazz musician. After being struck by a street racer, Brent credits Osborne Cane with helping him and his daughter secure the resources needed for a brighter future.

Michael and Laurel Middelaer

Struck by an impaired driver which resulted in the death of a family member, the Middelaers searched for a lawyer to provide them with excellent legal services and a high level of care.  They credit Osborne Cane with giving them closure and the best possible outcome.

Deborah Cheyroux

After receiving a life changing injury, Deborah couldn’t imagine how she would be able to afford a lawyer. She had no idea about the legal system and the avenues to explore to get healthy and what constitutes a fair settlement. David Osborne achieved a settlement for her which was more than she had hoped for.

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